Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Reality

By now all our Stars are back home (with the exception of our Australians - Liz and Krystle are spending a couple more days in Hawaii while Saxon and Chey are off to New York!). Our assembly in Vegas was one for the ages with more detailed recaps and plenty of photos to follow - our days were so filled with training, team bonding,  our own matches, USA 7s spectating, and most importantly rugby camaraderie built with many other clubs as we shined, sang and chanted in the stands. The Stars inaugural Vegas tour was a success and serves as a springboard for many future tours with additional teams to come. THANK YOU to all involved with the planning and logistics, to those on the ground in Vegas and to those supporters keeping up with our adventures through all avenues of social media.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meet Our 2nd Set of Aussies: The Campbells

The Campbells and Gemmells both came to our team through the magic of the rugby network. On the same day I had contacts in both California and Texas message me about 4 rep side players looking for a side to play with at USA 7s and conveniently enough, this was just as 4 players dropped from the team. I was eager to expand our rugby network and have more international culture on the Stars... little did I know the depth of talent we inherited as Cheyenne has been capped for Australia both 7s and 15s and Saxon has played representative side for Queensland!

Here's their story in Cheyenne's words:

I have been playing rugby for most of my life. It started in Tokoroa, NZ and continues today in Brisbane, Australia. I grew up watching Dad play rugby and enjoyed it so much, I started playing and became their ball girl at their games. 
My love for 7s comes from the exciting play, powerful running and skills involved in the shortened version of rugby. Although it is a much faster game, I enjoy the pressure and what can be achieved in a short period of time. 
I have been fortunate enough to represent Australia in both forms of rugby and soaked up knowledge from different coaches over the years to make me the player I am today. I enjoy learning from others and also passing on knowledge to younger up and coming players too. 
My younger sister Saxon has been playing for 3 years and started out by filling in for our women's team one Saturday and has never looked back. Coming from a netball background, it took a while to get used to the contact and mongrel needed for rugby. But since that first Saturday, she has traded the netball skirt for rugby boots full time and continues playing both forms. 
She has represented Queensland in women's rugby 7s and 15s and is a powerful runner to stop. Being a mobile forward is handy in any team and her footwork is deceiving to opponents. It has been a pleasure to be playing alongside her and seeing her continue to grow as a rugby player. 
Our club back home, the Redlands muddies won the 2013 women's premier cup last year and to share that with my sister was an awesome feeling. Our sisterly bond is strong and helps both on and off the field-so playing alongside each other we always have each others backs.
We are looking forward to playing with the Stars rugby crew in Vegas and meeting all the ladies who will be repping the red and white. Since we are going to war at the tourney, know that we will both have your backs out on the field ladies. Chur...Chey & Sax Campbell (January 2014)

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Couple Opposing Rosters

Rugby Canada released their Maple Leafs roster and it boasts a lot of youth. There are some players I've had the priviledige of playing with/against  via Team Average and the Beavers the last 2 years; it will be great to see them again - though they are in a different pool and we're hoping to meet them in the final! Scouting reports from my Canadian sources said, "Fast, fit, will win each game by 15-20 points and easily take the tournament like they did in Tobago." Sounds like a challenge for the Stars to undertake!

From the Rugby Canada release

 photo: Rugby Canada website via Stephen Macnell

"LANGFORD, BC – Rugby Canada is pleased to announce the Women’s Maple Leafs roster for the upcoming Las Vegas Sevens taking place January 24-26.

The tournament, which is the largest of its kind in North America, is a three-day event and comes less than a month out from the second round of the Women’s Sevens World Series (WSWS) February 15-16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

After sending two teams to last year’s tournament, both of which made the final, the Maple Leafs will only be registering one this time around.

Head Coach Sandro Fiorino will be looking to build off recent success as the Maple Leafs are coming off back-to-back dominant performances. He will be doing so with a roster full of youth.

U-20 graduates Emily Belchos, Nikki Case, Paige Farries, Sarah Kaljuvee, Nadia Popov and Frederique Rajotte have all been named to the team. Joining them are young veterans Bianca Farella (21-years-old) and Magali Harvey (23). Leadership presence will come from 27-year-old Elissa Alarie and 30-year-old Brittany Waters, both of which have played on every team in the women’s program.

In early November, the Maple Leafs went a perfect 6-0 outscoring their opponents 273-0 en route to capturing the 2013 North American Caribbean Rugby Association Sevens. Then in early December, they went undefeated in capturing the Tobago Sevens. While their opponents are not the world’s elite, the continued progression speaks to the depth of the women’s program.

The Women’s National Sevens Team and the Maple Leafs are together in San Diego this week training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

National Women’s Sevens Head Coach John Tait thinks the time spent training at the state of the art facility has been extremely beneficial for the entire women’s sevens program.

It's great to have all the athlete's and support staff in the program down here preparing for the year ahead,” said Tait. “It is about the halfway point in our centralized program so being away together gives us a chance to reflect on the last four months and what we want to focus on improving collectively moving forward.”

The high performance facility is centred around Olympic preparation and caring for athlete’s needs. The teams have been sharing meals and training space with many different Olympic athletes, not just rugby players.

“I’ve honestly never seen anything comparable to this training environment,” said Tait.

The time away has also allowed Tait and Fiorino to assess how they want to approach the next month. With the second round of the WSWS just four weeks away, this is a crucial time for both coaches and players.

Our Maple Leafs team has become an important vehicle for not only the development of younger players to gain experience, but also for players trying new positions or returning from injuries and looking to put themselves forward in selection to the IRB Series,” said Tait.

There is no denying that a strong showing in Las Vegas could be the difference in being selected for Atlanta next month.

Performance always counts,” said Tait. “Some of those going to Vegas will be selected for Atlanta and that selection as well as playing time will depend on how they do in the scrimmages against the US while here and how Vegas goes.”

Canada's Women's Maple Leafs games will not be streamed live; however, regular updates will be provided at www.rugbycanada.ca and make sure to follow Rugby Canada on Social Media for up-to-the-minute information.


Canadian Maple Leafs Kick off Times - January 24-25
Day One
Maple Leafs vs. Aptoella at 8:40am local time (5:40am ET/8:40am PT)
Maple Leafs vs. Serpientes at 11:20am local time (8:20am ET/11:20am PT)
Maple Leafs vs. Japan at 2:00pm local time (11:am ET/2:00pm PT

Day Two

Women’s Maple Leafs Roster for Las Vegas Sevens – Name, (Club) Hometown:

Elissa Alarie, (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Rugby Club) Trois-Rivieres, QC
Emily Belchos, (Markham Irish RFC) Barrie, ON
Nikki Case, (Yeoman Lions) Toronto, ON
Arielle Dubissette-Borrice, (Toronto Scottish RFC) Toronto, ON 
Bianca Farella, (Town of Mount Royal RFC) Montreal, QC 
Paige Farries (Druid RFC) Red Deer, AB
Magali Harvey, (Club de Rugby Quebec) Quebec City, QC
Sara Kaljuvee, (Toronto Scottish RFC) Pickering, ON
Nadia Popov, (Aurora Barbarians) Newmarket, ON
Frederique Rajotte, (Markam Irish RFC) Markham, ON
Brittany Waters, (Meraloma Athletic Club) Vancouver, BC

Maple Leafs Staff:

Head Coach: Sandro Fiorino
Coach: John Tait
Physiotherapist: Adrienne Stinson
Strength and Conditioning: Dana Agar-Newman

Canada’s Women’s Sevens Program is proudly sponsored by Macquarie Financial, Sport Canada and Own the Podium."

Aptoella, also in the other pool, released their roster via Facebook. I had the chance to play with these women, many of them capped Canada 7s and 15s athletes, in Calgary this past summer. An Achilles injury that necessitated 9 stitches and a first-hand experience with socialized healthcare prevented me from taking the field for the tournament but watching and camping with the team (and hobbling water) was quite fun. They have the ability to compete with, and beat, every team in the Elite bracket given their speed and experience.  Plus they have the best rugby shorts I've ever seen - the only women's specific shorts I've ever seen - designed by Barbara Mervin of Aptoella!

photo: Aptoella facebook page

1. Amanda Thornborough
2. Andrea Burk
3. Barbara Mervin
4. Brittany Orr
5. Colette McAuley
6. Julianne Zussman ©
7. Kara Galbrith
8. Kayla Mack
9. Kehla Guimond
10. Michelle Helmeczi
11. Selina McGinnis
12. Susy Beinstock

Coach: Robin MacDowell
Physio: Brad Curry
Photographer: Krystal Claver


Roster 4.0

There have been even more changes and we may have 2 roster additions in the next 2 days! It's been quite the effort to recruit and secure players to the team, a process that will be much more streamlined on tours to come. Here's the latest roster - now with home clubs!

Campbell, Cheyenne - Australia
Campbell, Saxon - Australia
Darwent, Kristen - Florida Atlantic University
Dominguez, Cassandra -New Mexico State University
Entwhistle, Elizabeth - Chicago Lions Women
Filer, Rhiannon - South Buffalo Sinners
Gemmell, Elizabeth - Australia
Gemmell, Krystle - Australia
Gorham, Katherine - Chicago Sirens
Karsten, Kristen - University of Texas
Littleton, Tiara - Dallas Harlequins
Mallindine, Jessica - Louisiana Lagniappes
Martin, Amanda - Lindenwood University
Monroy, Codi - Florida Atlantic University
Omoghan, Fedelia - Toronto Saracens
Pratt, Jinnie - Oklahoma University
Roper, Mercedez -South Buffalo Sinners
Semiglia, Kimberly - Florida International University
Stanley, Kathleen - Toronto Saracens
Swift, Christina - Florida Atlantic University
Thayer, Cara - South Buffalo Sinners
Trapp, Rebecca - Pittsburgh Angels

Coach: Eyal Hakim - Coach Florida Atlantic University, Player Boca Raton

A Star Is Born - Tour Magic

No rugby tour would be complete without its own quirks and traditions. As a part of our rugby travels and team bonding, special rules will be sprinkled into daily activities from always having a specific item on your person, referring to the coaches or certain players with special honorifics, buffalo drinking rules, various themes for "fancy dress" and more. Last year's Beaver team had a lot of Pitch Perfect, a Solid Gold theme for the stands, a neon themed night of adventure, sparkle headbands for all, and 'Time-Outs' all as part of the experience. The year prior saw a Glitz and Glam party complete with bedazzling and stick-on jewels for all, a "Let's Get Physical" '80s workout gear theme in the stands and more.

 Beavers at USA 7s in 2012. Had to layer over our spandex after the sun set.

This years team has a lot of players from a lot of places and has incurred so many changes in recent weeks that the full tour document hasn't been released yet. Sadly we had to abandon the "Sound of Rugby" theme in which we'd change the lyrics to all of Julie Andrews's songs to rugby-based musical numbers and dress up in the stands like the Von Trapp kids during their "Doh-Re-Me" outing in playclothes made of curtains. Plus it turns out that some of our college players have never seen the greatest musical of all time "Sound of Music"; this will be a heavy fine at kangaroo court! To keep things simple with our various playing schedules, most of the team will be rocking their finest 'Murica apparel to support the Eagles. Plus it allows this blogger the chance to wear her 1992 USA Olympic Wrestling singlet (which truly needs no special occasion to wear due to its awesomeness).

These Canadians got the Tour Theme memo

With starting a new team we get to create our own traditions and with a few of us as veterans of numerous overseas and domestic tours we have ample experiences to draw from. Wednesday night after our training/scrimmage session with the Howlers, we'll be hosting our a jersey ceremony. Star players will receive their Vegas kit and keep their numbers for life (unless they choose to will it down to a new player) and we'll keep a roster of our Star numbers for record. Come future tournaments there may be a lineup of #1, 7, 10, 28, 32, 45, 46, 53. We will also introduce Shooting Stars pairings - each player will be assigned a buddy player for the tour to trade gear, have a mentor, and have a special pump-up present or magic handshake or something special each day; partners will vary each tour to encourage more team bonding with each subsequent trip.

Thursday night features a team talent show - hey, we're all rookies so all must do a skit! This will be done in clusters of Stars pairs, 4 players performing together with an on the spot theme announced. Friday night the Open team has the chance to explore Vegas culture while the Elite team has a team dinner.... there may be a trivia session worked in somewhere along the way. Saturday's antics will depend on how the games go that morning.... the Elite team will play Sunday in the stadium if we make the finals so will be focusing on rest and recovery if that's the case. Before our team all heads back home we'll have an awards ceremony with Paper Plate awards for all and MVP/Most Potential plaques handed out. Kangaroo Court will play a big role in pre-party festivities as well.

                      Glitz and Glam Vegas 2012                  Unicorns CWRFC Fall 2012

Now, a lot of what goes on tour stays on tour - kangaroo court is an exclusive event for players to rehash all the amazing, funny, embarrassing moments on and off the pitch. The details and goings on stay in the closed session with court staying light-hearted and good-natured and most often quite hilarious. Along the course of the trip players get fined for various offenses (and sometimes credits for telling the team founder she is beautiful and other praise of that nature - but don't overdo it because kissing too much ass rounds back to fine territory). Snitches feed info to the Prosecutor who selects the best offenses and decides which cases move forward and the Defendant has to please their case. A 3-person jury deliberates on the verdict, the Judge assigns the punishment, and the Bailiff keeps order/enforces said punishments. The key to any good court lies in carefully selecting the players to fill each role. Fines can be anything from being late to training, forgetting a sports bra, hitting on opposing players/fans/refs, fines for awesome/terrible dance moves not knowing where a country is - you get the idea. Punishments can involve wearing 'special' (read: UGLY) dresses/wigs/hats, an on the spot rendition of a song/dance/poetry recital, to having to drink grog, and more. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

 Beavers Vegas 2013. Note the sparkle shorts.
Kat's almost certainly about to be in Time Out

It is worth mentioning again that any and all team activities are meant in good jest, to build the team camaraderie and continue rugby traditions. While focusing  on wins on the field, a lot of our success will come from the chemistry of the women coming together from around the US and around the world meeting for the first time. With all the intense action on the pitch there needs to be balance off of it!

Team bonding zip lining in Fremont Square. Vegas 2012

And one final note - as a part of tour each player needs to memorize and perform on command our theme song for the trip:

Twinkle, twinkle rugby stars
Hit the scrum the ball is ours
Scrumhalf passes to the fly
Off the lineout in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle rugby stars
Scoring tries while running hard

Yep. We're amazing.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jerseys and Shorts Are In!

My long week of work in Vegas (70 and sunny when I left yesterday afternoon only to land in Chicago at midnight to 12F and snow, sigh) is finally over. Despite overwhelming sleep deprivation that somehow kept me up until 4am last night, I couldn't help unpacking the box delivered while I was away and trying on our swag.

 Thanks again to LegendBorne for their design work and the awesome kit! Also a huge three cheers to Rugby Academy of America, Rugby Promotions Inc, Grubber, The Irishmen and PeytonBolin PL for their sponsorships as well as AthletiCorp for handling t-shirts and hoodies - should have them Tuesday!

                          jersey front                                                                 jersey back

shorts front

 shorts back

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New USA Rugby American Rugby Model

USA Rugby releases new long-term player development model

USA Rugby releases new long-term player development model
BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby released details Tuesday for the updated American Rugby Model (ARM), a long-term player development program providing an integrated framework through which rugby players can be developed at all levels of participation and experience. The ARM is player-centered in that specific characteristics to each development stage are based on the particular capacities of players at each stage of their development.

The player development model focuses on the technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle development of players regardless of age and level of participation. The ARM will be integrated into all USA Rugby structures and systems and will provide rewarding experiences for players, coaches, parents, referees, supporters and administrators of the game.

“The American Rugby Model sets out clear player development pathways that support the development of a player from introduction and participation to elite, supporting the core purpose of USA Rugby,” USA Rugby Development Team Leader Dave McCann said. “USA Rugby will introduce this model through our rugby development activities in support of high performance programs.”

Rugby is still a relatively niche sport in the United States despite the game’s introduction in the late 1800s. In recent years, rugby has grown more popular and more visible due in part to media and television exposure.

“These are exciting times for the game of rugby,” USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer and President of Rugby Operations Nigel Melville said. “However, sustained long-term development will be driven by the quality of the rugby experience and the opportunities that we can offer our players.

“Raising the level of performance at all levels will provide long-term benefits for the sport, creating more exciting domestic competition and stronger international teams, as well as attracting more media, sponsors, and fans to the game.”

The life of a rugby player today is consumed mostly by traveling, playing and recovering from competition, while the main focus is on the result rather than the performance. This attitude leads to long-term failure as coaches forgo the development of core skills to focus on tactics, which may also be a contributing factor to low retention rates of players. Though many sports capitalize on early specialization of athletes, rugby benefits mainly from players crossing over to the rugby pitch after being ‘cut’ from another sport.
“Developing a long-term development model for rugby will address critical areas in our system for kids at a very early age,” McCann said. “Children progress through the same development stages and this model will ensure we address the appropriate points along the development curve in order for them to reach their genetic potential.”

Through utilization of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles, the ARM integrates training, competition and recovery programming with relation to biological development. The ARM offers equal opportunity for recreation and competition – a key to retaining younger players and developing better rugby players for the future.


Stage: Play
Chronological Age: 0 – 9
Training Age in Rugby: 0 - 4
This stage represents the entry into physical activity and sport, including the development of physical literacy. Athletes develop basic physical literacy and enjoy their first participation in organized games; Safe, community-based programs; Equal participation for all; Skill development is placed ahead of competition; Broad-based stage-appropriate development including football and other sports and activities; Social development and fun are never forgotten.

Stage: Develop
Chronological Age: 10 - 16
Training Age in Rugby: 2 – 8 years
This stage represents development of a well-rounded set of rugby skills, complimented by participation in other sports, and, for many athletes, using flag/touch rugby as an ideal introductory experience. Athletes develop basic and integrated rugby skills and utilize these in competitive game situations.
Guiding principles are:
  • Athletes have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of positions
  • Training, competition and positional play is appropriate to the development and maturation of individual athletes
  • Skill development is more important than winning
Stage: Compete
Chronological Age: 17+
Training Age in Rugby: 6 – 10 years
This stage represents a serious commitment to competition, coinciding with college and senior club age. Athletes enter highly-competitive programs, begin to specialize in their positions, and work toward excellence.
Guiding principles are:
  • Emphasis is on building solid competition skills
  • All athletes are provided with optimal annual training
competition and recovery programs
  • Programs support athletes to learn from victory and defeat, to live balanced lives, and to always train and compete in a
fair, honest and “clean” way
  • Work towards international play
  • Develop skills to be successful in college and club rugby
Stage: Excel
Chronological Age: 21+
Training Age in Rugby: 8+ years
This stage takes the advanced athlete from a high level, CIS, junior starters and non-starting professionals to starting professionals. Athletes work to excel in highly competitive programs, aiming for the highest level of performance and success.
Guiding principles are:
  • Every program and every athlete is committed to excellence
  • All athletes are provided with optimal annual training, competition and recovery programs of the highest level
  • Each athlete strives for the highest level of performance in the context of fair, drug-free living, training and competition
  • Athletes, coaches, officials and administrators are role models, mentors and ambassadors of the sport
  • Experience in high-level games develops and refines tactical skills, anticipation and reading the game in a variety of situations
Stage: Lead
Chronological Age: Any
Training Age in Rugby: Any
Individuals can remain active in the sport for a lifetime through recreational competition and as a coach, official and sport builder. Fun is an essential part of the game throughout - the glue that bonds people to the game and to each other.
Guiding principles are:
  • Fun
  • Giving back to the game
  • Respect for themselves, others and the game of rugby

Some News on Atlanta 7s

It's perfect rugby weather here in Las Vegas (am here for work all week so sadly don't get to enjoy much of the outdoors. Thankfully my hotel has a great 24 hour gym with barbells, plates and medicine balls!). Between 12 hour work days full of marketing, sales and menu tastings, getting adequate sleep, and hitting said gym there isn't much time to post for Stars 7s. Here's a quick email from from USA Rugby regarding the upcoming iRB women's tournament in Atlanta:

Atlanta 7s Support Women's Rugby ticket promotion

Atlanta 7s Support Women's Rugby ticket promotion
Purchase your two-day pass to the Women's Sevens World Series in Atlanta to support women's rugby. Don't miss the chance to see the largest international women's event of the year and watch future Olympians compete with the best in the world. Your support for an event like this means we can continue to bring women's rugby to U.S and introduce the game to new fans and future Eagles.

Rally your teammates, friends, family and alumni, and purchase tickets by calling 303-539-0300 ext 139 or emailing tickets@usarugby.org. The club with the most tickets purchased will win a set of CUSTOM JERSEYS from Rugby Athletic. The club with the second-largest number of tickets purchased will receive a set of 25 training balls, 10 match balls and five (5) ruck shields courtesy of Gilbert Rugby and World Rugby Shop.

Be sure to use the contact details above to buy, and remember to let them know which club you are affiliated with.

Not planning on heading to Atlanta? You can still support the women's game by donating your ticket to a young athlete. Your purchase will help us fill the stadium and give someone the chance to discover RUGBY!

Buy tickets by emailing tickets@usarugby.org or calling (720) 508-8036 >>

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announced Tuesday details for a new ticket promotion to support women's rugby and Atlanta 7s, the second leg of the 2013-14 IRB Women’s Sevens World Series.
Two-day tickets for the event at Fifth Third Bank Stadium at Kennesaw State University will be sold for just $20 through Feb. 11 as part of the promotion, which will see one domestic club team receive a set of customized jerseys from Rugby Athletic.

“We want to stimulate the community and continue to grow the game of women’s rugby with our largest women’s event of the year,” USA Rugby Chief Commercial Officer Jon Persch said. “It is also important Atlanta 7s leaves a lasting sporting legacy for girls and women everywhere.”

To be entered to win, tickets must be purchased from USA Rugby Group Sales Coordinator Nick D’Adamio. Buyers will be asked which club he or she supports, and the club with the most tickets attributed to it will win. The club with the second-largest number of tickets purchased will receive a set of 25 training balls, 10 match balls and five (5) ruck shields courtesy of Gilbert Rugby and World Rugby Shop.
For those not planning to attend the event, tickets purchased can be donated to various Metro Atlanta youth organizations, which will give tickets to kids to attend Atlanta 7s for free.

“Atlanta 7s is an opportunity for America’s youth—particularly girls and young women—to see some of the best professional female athletes and future Olympians at the top of their game,” Persch said. “With the recent launch of Try On Rugby and the favorable results of our women’s national teams at all levels, women’s rugby is on the rise and we hope to encourage continued growth with this promotion.”

The Women’s Eagles Sevens are coming off of a third-place finish at the 2013 IRB Rugby World Cup Sevens and currently sit in seventh in the Series standings following Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens. The Eagles finished second in the 2012 event in Houston, Texas, with a loss to England in the Cup Final.
Nick D’Adamio can be contacted either by phone at (720) 508-8036 or email at ndadamio@usarugby.org or tickets@usarugby.org.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Roster Update 3.0

More changes, more new Stars! Here's the most recent roster changes with 24 traveling players for out two 7s sides:

*Ates, Leandria - USA
Campbell, Cheyenne - Australia
Campbell, Saxon - Australia
Darwent, Kristen - USA
Dominguez, Cassandra -USA
Entwhistle, Elizabeth - USA
Filer, Rhiannon - USA
Gemmell, Elizabeth - Australia
Gemmell, Krystle - Australia
Gorham, Katherine - USA
Karsten, Kristen - USA
Knight, Phaidra - USA
*Littleton, Tiara - USA
Mallindine, Jessica - USA
*Martin, Amanda - USA
Monroy, Codi - USA
Omoghan, Fedelia - Canada
Pratt, Jinnie - USA
Roper, Mercedez -USA
Semiglia, Kimberly - USA
Stanley, Kathleen - USA
Swift, Christina - USA
Thayer, Cara - USA
Toussaint, Tamisha - Canada

Coach: Eyal Hakim

*new player additions 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Final T-Shirt and Hoodie Mock-Ups In!

Three cheers to AthletiCorp for stepping in to design and produce our hoodies and t-shirts!

Hoodies are exclusive to Stars players but t-shirts will be for sale in Vegas (or pre-order via email). $20 per shirt we've already sold 80 of a limited run. These are cotton t-shirts available in standard men's sizes Youth XL, Adult S-Adult XXL.